Product Name Gray Cast Iron Molding Parts

  • Brand Name: JTC
  • Material: Gray cast iron
  • Surface Treatment: Plain, Black oxide
  • Production Method: Lost was investment casting
  • Certificates: Material certificate, QC reports, ISO 9001
  • FOB Price: $1.00-$100/Pieces
  • MOQ: 1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 5, 000, 000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal payments
  • Delivery Time: About 20-25 days

Product Details

Product Application

Automatic equipments, Medical devices, Aerospace, Robots, Lockset.

Product Specifications

Item Name Gray cast iron molding parts
Material Gray cast iron
Surface Treatment Plain, Black oxide
Production Method Lost was investment casting
Tolerance As per drawing required
Certificates Material certificate, QC reports, ISO 9001
Packing Bulk or according to clients’requires
Delivery Generally 25-30 days for tooling and 15-20 days for products.
Shipping By UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT express; By air; By sea

Advantages of Gray Iron Castings

Gray cast iron parts are preferred when looking for durable, low cost, heat sinking and high density solutions. Gray cast iron has good fluidity and is easy to process.

Microstructure of Gray Iron Castings

The microstructure of gray cast iron is formed by flake graphite. Its unique properties include excellent processability. When the composition of the molten iron and the cooling rate are appropriate, the carbon in the iron separates during the solidification process to form interconnected graphite sheets. Graphite grows into a liquid along the edges to form a characteristic sheet. The performance of gray cast iron is also affected by the relative hardness of the metal matrix (ie, iron around the graphite). Microstructure properties are primarily controlled by the carbon and silicon content of the metal and the cooling rate of the casting.

Tensile and Yield Strength of Gray Iron Castings

Gray cast iron has no measurable yield strength and tensile strength ranges from 20,000 psi to 60,000 psi.


Damping Capacity of Gray Iron Castings

Components made of materials with a high damping capacity, like gray iron, can reduce noise such as chatter, ringing and squealing, and minimize the level of applied stresses.

Damping capacity

The relative ability of a material to absorb vibration is evaluated as its damping capacity. The quelling of vibration by converting mechanical energy into thermal energy is important for structures and devices with moving parts. Parts made of materials with high damping capacity, such as gray cast iron, can reduce noise such as chatter, ringing and squeaking and minimize applied stress levels.

Table1 Limits for linear measures

Tolerance-class Limits in mm for nominal sizes in mm
0,5 to 3 above 3 to 6 above 6 to 30 above 30 to 120 above 120 to 400 above 400 to 1000 above 1000 to 2000 above 2000 to 4000
f (fine) ±0,05 ±0,05 ±0,01 ±0,15 ±0,2 ±0,3 ±0,5 -
m (medium) ±0,1 ±0,1 ±0,2 ±0,3 ±0,5 ±0,8 ±1,2 ±2
c (coarse) ±0,15 ±0,2 ±0,5 ±0,8 ±1,2 ±2 ±3 ±4
v (very coarce grob) - ±0,5 ±1 ±1,5 ±2,5 ±4 ±6 ±8

For nominal sizes below 0,5 mm the limit measures are to be indicated directly at the nominal measure.

High Quality Control

  • ISO9001 & ROHS certified factory.
  • Check the raw material before running production.
  • Have the random inspection during the production.
  • Make the 100% inspection after production and record the measurements.

Our Service

When we get inquiry, we will consider a best proper processing method to save your cost based on our rich experience and expertise, then give you our best offer in a short time. When we get order, we will send customer a formal order confirmation for better recording and any production updates will keep customers informed. Once the parts are ready, we will send customers the photos and a full QC report for delivery approval. After receiving customers’ approval as well as the balance payment, the shipment will be arranged immediately. If there is any defect caused by our side, we are able to take full responsibility and make replacements free of charge.

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