Product Name Precise Small Turning Stainless Steel Parts

  • Brand Name: JTC
  • Material: Stainless steel, SUS 303 / 304 / 316 / 420
  • Surface Treatment: Plain, passivation, polished
  • Production Method: Automatic turning
  • Certificates: Material certificate, QC reports, finishing reports
  • FOB Price: $1.00-$100/Pieces
  • MOQ: 1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 5, 000, 000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal payments
  • Delivery Time: About 10-15 days

Product Details

Product Application

Automatic equipments, Medical devices, Aerospace, Robots, Lockset.

Product Specifications

Item Name Precise Small turning stainless steel parts
Material Stainless steel, SUS 303 / 304 / 316 / 420
Surface Treatment Plain, passivation, polished
Production Method Automatic turning
Tolerance +/-0.01mm,ISO 2768-m or as per drawing required
Facility Precision CNC milling & turning machine, automatic lathe
Certificates Material certificate, QC reports, finishing reports
Packing Bulk or according to clients' requires
Delivery Generally 20 days after order and all details confirmed
Shipping By UPS/DHL/FedEx/TNT express; By air; By sea

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is defined as chromium alloy with a minimum content of 10.5%. As the name implies, stainless steel is steel and should be "reduced" and not corroded. It should be less dyed, but it's not stain-proof. It is generally considered corrosion-resistant, but this is not a very useful defining feature considering the various grades of stainless steel, because the quality and grade of stainless steel determines its strength and corrosion resistance.

The basic element in stainless steel is iron (Fe), and chromium (Cr) is added to make it a corrosion resistant alloy, which is a mixture of metals. It usually includes a small amount of carbon (C) to increase hardness and strength. Nickel (Ni) can be added to stabilize the crystal structure of iron, thereby increasing integrity at all extreme temperatures and contributing to corrosion resistance. Other alloying elements, such as molybdenum (Mo) or titanium (Ti), can be added to improve heat and corrosion resistance.


Features of Stainless Steel

One of the characteristics of stainless steel is that it can repair itself after the CNC process is completed. Chromium forms an invisible layer on iron through a process called passivation to protect it from air and water. If the surface is scratched, the layer is quickly reconstructed in the presence of oxygen. This is why high quality stainless steel will not rust even if scratched during processing. Most high-quality raw material shape materials of brass parts are stress-relieved to ensure maximum machinability and dimensional stability.

Our Equipments

  • Precise CNC turning & milling machine 4 sets
  • CNC precise lathes 4 sets
  • Automatic lathes 12 sets
  • Tapping machine 4 sets
  • Tumbling machine 2 sets
  • 2D measuring projector 1 set
  • Roughness tester 1 set

High Quality Control

  • ISO9001 & ROHS certified factory.
  • Check the raw material before running production.
  • Have the random inspection during the production.
  • Make the 100% inspection after production and record the measurements.

 Production Market

We have been providing professional machining services to the customers all over the world with annual turnover says more than $1,000,000. After many years of efforts, we got approbated by many well-known enterprises and overseas customers for our quality, lead time, excellent service and credit.

Our Services

When we get inquiry, we will consider a best proper processing method to save your cost based on our rich experience and expertise, then give you our best offer in a short time. When we get order, we will send customer a formal order confirmation for better recording and any production updates will keep customers informed. Once the parts are ready, we will send customers the photos and a full QC report for delivery approval. After receiving customers’ approval as well as the balance payment, the shipment will be arranged immediately. If there is any defect caused by our side, we are able to take full responsibility and make replacements free of charge.

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