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What are precautions for stamping parts?

2022-02-17 16:03:02 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

We should pay attention to:

(1) Semi-automatic and manual punch must be installed with both hands brake switch, strictly prohibited pedal or single-handed start switch stamping.

(2) After the GAO Chong, after the normal stamping, close the soundproof box (except for the 8065 inspection side packaging of the product).

(3) When stamping continuously, the employee cannot pick up the product by hand within 1M of the punch.

(4) Technician on the mold adjustment machine, can only be debugged by one person, not two people to debug.

(5) Technician transfer feed, can only be outside the machine, the distance is not less than 1M.

(6) Frame die must lock the screws, 4 hours to stop to check whether the screws are loose.

(7) When the mold in the production process problems do not need to unload the mold, directly in the machine tool repair, must first turn off the injection molding machine power supply and in the Power box on the repair signs can be implemented to carry out the repair mold.

(8) All tools are returned to the toolbox after use, can not be placed on the machine, so as not to slip the tool to hurt people.

(9) When the machine is not in production, cut off the power supply in time.