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Production Line of Rapid Tooling Finished Sample

2022-02-17 11:40:57 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

In practical applications, many products must pass through the mold to process out.

It is a time-saving and cost-saving method to make the product sample and then flip the mold first by using the molding machine. such as the new type of rocket liquid oxygen engine pump shell, with the traditional machining method is difficult to process, must be molded through the mold. It is estimated that the mold opening time takes 8 months and costs at least 300,000. If the product design is wrong, all the whole mold will be scrapped. Plastic samples can be made for this product by rapid tooling, and used as a mold master model for flipping silicone molds. Fix the master model in the Aluminum standard box, pour in the well-equipped silicone rubber, and static 12~ for 20 hours. Silicone rubber completely cured, open the mold frame, remove silicone rubber with a knife along the predetermined sub-line, the master mold out, used to cast the pump shell wax type of silicone mold has been turned into success.

Production Line Of Rapid Prototyping-JTC Machining

Through the mold to produce wax type, after coating, roasting, wax loss, pressurized casting, sandblasting, a qualified pump shell castings in a short period of two months on JTC rapid tooling manufacturer, after the necessary machining, can be installed operation, so that the entire trial cycle than the traditional method of 2/3 reduction, cost savings of 3/4.