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The Development Direction of Rapid Prototyping

2022-02-17 11:25:56 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

Rapid Prototyping Technology has been applied in many fields, its application scope is mainly in design inspection, Market forecast, Engineering testing (stress analysis, airway, etc.), assembly testing, mold manufacturing, medicine, aesthetics and so on.

RP technology is most widely used in the manufacturing industry (up to 67%), indicating that RP technology plays an enormous role in improving the design and manufacturing level of products.


There are still many shortcomings in rapid prototyping technology, and the next research and development work is mainly in the following aspects:

⑴ Improve the reliability, productivity and ability to make large pieces of rapid prototyping systems, especially to improve the precision of rapid prototyping systems;

⑵ Development of economical rapid prototyping system;

⑶ Improvement and innovation of rapid prototyping methods and processes;

⑷ Application of  rapid mould manufacturing;

⑸ Develops rapid prototyping materials with good performance;

⑹ Develops fast-forming, high-performance software, and more.